GL Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
    1. Tech-resources
    2. Tech-resources Going back to 2005, GL has been focusing on the production of rapid prototypings. We have served thousands of clients and have rich experience. Our tech team has about 20 people. In order to guarantee the quality of products, we regulate all of the products according to advanced product quality planning (APQP) strictly. In order for rapid prototypings to verify the feasibility of new products, the processing speed must be fast. This process includes the checking of drawings, as our clients are likely to neglect the tolerance between parts.
    1. Machining Equipment
    2. Machining Equipment GL is equipped with more than 40 CNC machining centers, 5-axis, 4-axis, 3-axis included. These machines are supplied by world-renowned manufacturers in Germany and Japan. We can produce the parts you need no matter how complex.
      Advantages: rapidly produce prototypes just the same as main model. Vacuum casting service applies to a 10-100 low-volume production. Drawbacks, the service life is limited, though it can be used many times.
    1. Quality Control
    2. Quality Control GL carries out strict quality control measures, because we are clearly aware of the key function of equalities in the development of our company. We are equipped with a 3-dimensional detector, surface analyzer, etc. We have a professional QC team that analyzes every product, applying APQP. Each part of production is guided by especially guidebook and is checked in.