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Our Service
    1. Metal Rapid Prototyping Service
    2. Metal Rapid Prototyping Service We provide professional solutions for your product development and prototoype making (NDA files provided),equipped with full series CNC machines 3axis/4axis/5axis machining center,with a short lead time and strict quality control. A rapid prototoype for a new design would cost even just 2-3days,including the material purchase,programming and the machine operating ,for these complex structure items,the 5axis machines are effectively to help with a solution.
    1. Plastics Rapid Prototyping Service
    2. Plastics Rapid Prototyping Service According to the requirements of the tolerances and the demand,machining is also a solution for low volume demands for these plastic parts,it’s similar with the process of vacuum casting ,but it help us get a higher tolerance and efficiency,especially for these hard plastics,such as Nylon, POM, acrylic, PP, PVC, etc. The plastic machined prototoypes in our company are mostly used in the products like cases, panels, etc. Just like the sheet metal products. To get a high strength,usually we’d add glass fibers to the Nylon or ABS.
    1. Rapid Tooling
    2. Rapid Tooling Rapid Tooling is a way to simplify the mould structure for low cost & short lead-time. It describes a process that is the result of combining rapid prototyping techniques with conventional tooling practices to produce a mold quickly from CAD data in low cost and less time relative to traditional machining methods. It’s commonly used in the field of rapid injection moulding, based on the low-volume requirement. Nice Rapid manufactures its own tooling and pre-hardened P20 tool steel, to make the cavity, core and ejector plates.
    1. CNC Machining Service
    2. CNC Machining Service When a new machine part is designed, typically a mold is produced before it can go into mass production. However, if your products are in the testing phase or are specialized/low-demand components, you may seek rapid prototyping services to reduce costs and save time. GL can provide rapid prototyping services using CNC machining. According to various processing conditions, GL adopts different machining methods like 3-axis machining, 4-axis machining, and 5-axis machining to complete machine parts in multiple shapes.
    1. Vacuum Casting Service
    2. Vacuum Casting Service Vacuum casting technology is a common technique in rapid prototyping. It allows manufacturers a way to produce low-volume products rapidly on account of its low cost and stable product quality. Vacuum casting technology works by making a silicone(SIL) mold for a prototype of products, and then pouring materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS) and polyurethane(PU) to duplicate products the same as prototypes.